8 Tips On How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine

Best Sewing MachineI have been a quilter for the past eleven years and I guess that makes me a semi- expert at sewing. I started out using the old Singer sewing machine.

Lots of cursing at the so -called drop in bobbin left me searching for a new and wonderful machine.

My tips are:

  1. Know ahead of time before you enter the store exactly what you will be using this machine for. Are you a professional quilter or are you looking to just sew a hem or a button on for your little one’s? The salespeople are helpful, but it can be a little like looking for a car. You don’t want to have a Honda budget and walk out of the showroom with a Rolls Royce.
  2. Bring the types of fabric swatches you know you’ll be working with most. Don’t be shy about bringing in a bag of knits, wools or cottons. The fastest way to really test a machine is to sit down and test run it for yourself. Try to get a lot enough time for this. You don’t want to be rushed into buying a totally unusable machine.
  3. Check that you can service the machine by oiling it easily and removing the bobbin casing easily. Very important.
  4. I saw lots of machines that had alot of plastic on the housing. I did not think this was a good sign. I ended up with a Swiss Made Bernina because of it’s sturdy metal housing. Make sure it will hold up well. This is not something you want to replace every year.
  5. Don’t buy more features than you think you will use. If you know you’ll use computerized stitches – go ahead and get that model.
  6. Check to see if you can change the bobbin thread easily and if the tension is self adjusting. This is very important on big projects.
  7. Make sure the presser feet can be easily changed, as well as the light bulb, all the little things etc.
  8. Lastly, Have fun with the machine while in the shop. Sew seams, change stitch length, put it in reverse, check all the features. Then go home, have a cup of tea, if after thinking it over for a day you can’t forget how wonderful the machine was …it’s the one.